Properties without pre-payment

Your own property without pre-payment

The zone of Gúapiles is recognized for its exuberant natural beauty and its cozy weather. Surrounded by a tropical forest, with flora and wildlife and an expectacular view point of the mountains. The travel by car from San Jose city is a small path of 50 minutes, through beautiful places of the Braulio Carillo's National Park, the Zurqui mountain, the rainforest teleferic and rivers like: Blanco, Danta, Sucio and Toro Amarillo. The real estate project is 2.5 miles away from the center of Guápiles, in the Buenos Aires' Zone, 520 meters over the sea's level. This charactheristic gives to each land an fresh climate, more than in the city of Guápiles. A small river of clean water rushes the properties, giving to each one potable water and exuberant vegetation.

The properties have full service of electricity, telephone, handy signal and the only certificate potable water of the zone.

We have the properties in front of a public road, in very good conditions.  The topography is plain and the characteristics of the ground allow them to be ready for a house, pool and others.

Unique company that gives you a master plan vised by the regional goverment.

Activities that you can practice in this zone:

- Visit to butterfly farms
- Fishing
- Kayaking
- Walks thru the forest
- Riding
- Bird watching
- White water rafting

And in the caribbean beaches...

- Swimming
- Snorkeling
- Diving
- Tour in the Tortugero's Channels
- Camping... and much more!

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