Costa Rica Information - Introduction

Costa Rica meets investors' standards and criteria!

Whoever invests not only seeks comparisons in the present, but also looks into the future. Costa Rica sets new standards.

Where can I get the most for my money now?

Bearing this in mind you don't need to shy away form buying property or making an investment in Costa Rica. Investments are - above all - options for the future!

How has the value of my real estate developed so far?

What does my investment look like in 10 years?

The same applies for private investors, who want to use their property themselves, for investors who want to settle here in the long term, and for capital investors:

Costa Rica sets standards for buying a property or a stake in a property and is well suited for private investors and capital investors.

Income and property tax

It is particularly important that income from abroad is not subject to taxation in Costa Rica. A founder of a company can expect a very moderate tax on company income. Annual tax varies between 0.5% and 1.5%.

In the case of real estate, property tax is not based on the paid purchase price, but exclusively on the declared and registered value.

Our offer:

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